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Press/Latest Reviews ★★★★★ / Feb 2017
Ole Straarup
[On Nothing]

A moving and thought-provoking youth opera.

Kristeligt Dagblad ★★★★★ / Feb 2017
Peter Dürrfeld
[On Nothing]

The show has an amazing intensity and cohesion and is a great triumph for the Danish National Opera and its talent. It is a healthy sign for the incredibly enterprising institutions in Danish culture to have the food chain in order, and the young singers - not to mention the 20 musicians from the Royal Academy of Music Orchestra School, in the orchestra pit assisting the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra - has not only learned something from being part of this process, they have also given us, the audience, a fine experience on a Saturday evening, where "Nothing" turned out to be quite something.

Politiken / Feb 2017
Thomas Michelsen
[On Nothing]

"Nothing" is not for children. Read the line again, slowly, and then take your kid to come in and experience a piece that may well change both their and your life.

The Arts Desk / Jan 2017
David Nice
[On Nothing]

David Bruce's setting of Janne Teller’s terrifying but ultimately moral novella Nothing....this was a show that worked at every level, begging a London airing (the opera premieres in Teller's Denmark next year)

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