Caja de Musica

Bridget Kibbey's fabulous new album features David Bruce's Caja de Musica. David and Bridget have worked together on many projects, including his piece The North Wind Was a Woman for the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center (see below). This is his first work for solo harp, written specially for Bridget.

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The North Wind Was a Woman

Showcase album featuring David Bruce's Cymbeline for mandolin and string quartet, The North Wind Was a Woman for soprano and ensemble, and The Consolation of Rain for oboe, cello, harp and percussion. All three pieces showcase David's responses to nature. The title track imagines elements of nature as emotionally connected first person narrators. The Consolation of Rain describes the power of nature to console in times of bereavement, and Cymbeline connects the passage of the sun across the sky to ancient traditions and ideas about this life-giving force. Performed by Avi Avital, Dover Quartet, Nora Fischer, Camarata Pacifica and The North Wind Ensemble

Julian Bliss & Carducci String Quartet - Gumboots

Featuring David Bruce's Gumboots for clarinet and string quartet

Julian Bliss and the Carducci Quartet pair two highly contrasting works - Johannes Brahms's Clarinet Quintet and David Bruce's 'Gumboots'. Written for clarinet and string quartet, David Bruce describes the origins of his work 'Gumboot's: "... it was born out of the brutal labour conditions in South Africa under apartheid, in which black miners where chained together and wore gumboots (wellington boots) while they worked in the flooded gold mines, because it was cheaper for the owners to supply the boots than to drain the floodwater from the mine. Apparently slapping the boots and chains was used by the workers as a form of communication which was otherwise banned in the mine, and this later developed into a form of dance. If the examples of Gumboot Dancing available online are anything to go by, it is characterised by a huge vitality and zest for life. So this for me is a striking example of how something beautiful and life-enhancing can come out of something far more negative."

Yo-Yo Ma & Silk Road Ensemble - Cut The Rug

Featuring David Bruce's Cut The Rug for large mixed ensemble

Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project has been on a mission to promote innovation and cross-cultural understanding through the arts for the last 15 years; the latest chapter comes with their new album, A Playlist Without Borders. The vision of Yo-Yo Ma's limitless collective is as timely as ever: to connect the world's neighborhoods by bringing together artists and audiences. From flashy surf guitar sounds to ninth century Chinese poetry, from modular playlists to Egyptian rhythms, the Silk Road Ensemble mixes the modern and the traditional, breaking boundaries of ethnicity and era. The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma's A Playlist Without Borders is the groundbreaking group's fifth recording and the first since 2009's Grammy nominated Off the Map. With A Playlist Without Borders, The Silk Road Ensemble once again demonstrates that there are no barriers for those approaching music with an open mind.

Myriad Trio - The Eye of Night

Featuring David Bruce's The Eye of Night for flute, viola and harp

The Myriad Trio launches their debut disc, featuring classic work for flute, viola, and harp. The last piece on the CD is the source of inspiration for the disc and the work that anchors the album: The Eye of Night. Commissioned and premiered by The Myriad Trio in 2010, The Eye of Night, written by the British-American composer David Bruce, highlights the very special qualities that make this instrumental combination distinctive and this unique ensemble extraordinary.

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