New scores available

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2011

More recent scores are now available at Bill Holab music:

  • My arrangement of Satie's Sports et Divertissements for chamber orchestra, commissioned by Metropolis Ensemble; other recent performances include by the Orchestra of St Lukes and just last week, the fabulously-named Arctic Philharmonic in Norway.

  • Tears, Puffes, Jumps and Galliards - another Metropolis commission, this is an arrangement of 6 pieces by John Dowland, including the famous laments 'Lachrimae' and 'Go Crystal Tears', alongside some of his more light-hearted works. The arrangements exist in versions for recorder(s) or flute(s) and string quartet.

  • My recent piece for flute, viola and harp The Eye of Night, commissioned by Art of Elan in San Diego for the Myriad Trio, and dedicated to Gordon Brodfuehrer. The Myriad Trio in fact will be performing the piece again on 28th Feb at UCSD, San Diego.



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