Tattered rags

Posted on Thursday, November 5, 2009

Having been through several opera ideas recently before eventually discarding them, the process seems to be something along these lines:

1. Take a large old black tattered rag.
2. Your opera subject is hidden behind it. You can make out little details here and there.
3. You must stare at the rag with an enormous intensity and try to get it to catch fire.
4. If you're lucky, and after an awful lot of intense staring, little fragments of the cloth burn away. If you're really lucky, eventually the whole thing catches fire, the tattered rag burns away completely and the whole opera subject lies before you, view unhindered.
5. If you're not so lucky, however hard you stare the holes just glow red, a brief puff of smoke, and out. The holes don't get any larger, the opera as inaccessible as before, despite all your efforts. Eventually you realise this rag ain't gonna to light. You are forced to abandon it.



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