Estrella Morente

Posted on Saturday, April 26, 2008

There's a big difference between good flamenco and bad. Seeing Jesus Montoya at Ainadamar the other day reminded me of the need for good flamenco (he was on fire). A rather lame hunt through itunes using the keyword 'flamenco' revealed rather a lot of the bad side of flamenco - cheesy, overproduced, cliche-ridden. Then I remembered the incredible singing on Almodovar's Volver - a quick search on that lead me to the voice behind the Cruz - Estrella Morente, who it turns out is the daughter of one of Flamenco's leading lights, Enrique Morente. Anyway, she really has gyspy passion in abundance, and listening to Mi cante y un poema make's the heart sing and weep in equal measure - as only good flamenco can.

There's some great lyricism on the album, but I'm always a fan of the flamenco 'Buleria', of which this album boasts some fist-stompingly fine examples.



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